Fully fed up, after a year at uni I’m so used to constantly seeing my friends every single day and having independence and doing what I want and sleeping in the same bed as my boyfriend every night. I did finish a month ago but I’ve seen Luke 3 weeks out of the four and the week I was home I was busy visiting my dad and my two best friends. Now I won’t see him for three weeks because he needs to revise for re-sits and has too much to catch up on to risk getting distracted, which I understand. Its just so hard being apart from him when we practically live together at uni. My friends are on holiday so I’ve got no excuse to leave the house next week, I hate being stuck indoors by myself, I’m gunna go crazy. I miss everyone so much I just want to be back in Lancaster.

"   I forgave everybody
I gave up
I got drunk   "
Jack Kerouac - On the Road (via beatbopped)

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